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Top 4 Poor Pitches of Shark Tank India

Right now one of my favorite Indian Television shows is Shark Tank India. It has enriched the waive of Entrepreneurship in India, bringing in dinner table conversations about startups and profitability. It has also enhanced the quality of content on Indian Television. May this be the signal, for the end of the Saas-Bahu dramas, and the negativity they bring in the households.

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Here is a list of the top 4 poor pitches of Shark Tank Season 3, so we will not be including Gool Naabhi pitch, as it was of season 1.

80 Washing Machine :

Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 4

In this pitch, Aman gave Ashneer vibes. The product was not at all what was promised. The pitchers claimed their product 80 washing machine cleans clothes in 80 seconds without water. As the pitch continued, Vineeta Singh volunteered her own black coffee for the demo. This brought, a scared expression on one of the pitcher’s face. And as expected by the expression, the demo failed badly. The machine did not cleared the stain. Even using it twice, did not cleared the stain. Aman even called it a water boiling machine. Zero demo, zero innovation and even advised the pitchers to call back the products sold till now,


Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 23

The athleisure wear brand started of their pitch good with their vision of reminding women to relax. But as the pitch continued, their numbers were all over the place. Firstly, their monthly advertising cost was as high as 30 lakh on sales of 50 lakh. And as soon as they, removed advertising cost, their sales went to 1.7 lakhs. The second point that shocked sharks was their inventory of 1.5 crore, lying around for the last 6 months, even they had zero money in the bank. Sharks reprimanded the founders and even advised them to sell their inventory on heavy discounts.

On a side note why is the pitcher Jeevika, going in on media, and criticizing sharks on being harsh. You went to them, you wanted advise, you wanted investment. They are your seniors, they should not be criticized for advising you.


Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 6

The cunning pitcher, as pointed out by the sharks themselves, Satyajit Mittal, tried his best to answer the way, the sharks wanted to hear. He was a narrative controller, whose unrelated stories did not end. It looked like he twisted his answers to get what he wanted. Whether it was the question about Co-founders or his revenue numbers, he had different answers for it. But the sharks caught him red handed and were not pleased at all.

Avataar Skincare

Shark Tank India Season 3 Episode 30

This pitch is an example of, the importance of language and dignity of labor. The founder, Saumya Mishra, had an amazing skin treatment business, but the way she was presenting the pitch wad not liked by the sharks. She even got defensive whenever any other competitor’s brand was mentioned, seemingly unadaptable to feedback. Sharks even called her on her arrogance. She was on the verge of tears. But at the end, everything got back to normal and she even got a deal. All’s well that ends well.

What do you think of the pitches, do let us know in the comment section!!

On a side note, the TRP of Shark Tank is not that great. Please watch it guys!!

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