Are Bollywood Actress Really Replaceable? Top 4 Cases!!

Are Bollywood actress really replaceable or am I just saying something useless. Let’s find out together….

Shraddha Kapoor in street dancer 3D

The first installment of the dance series ABCD, did not include any famous Bollywood actors, but had some amazing performances. It showcasedvan underdog story. The second instalment brought in Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor and the movie was a super hit and had some amazing performance from the dancers as well as the Bollywood duo. When the third installment was announced you may think that Shraddha will be a part of the movie But when the makers decided to go on with the third instalment Katrina Kaif was signed instead of Shraddha Kapoor. They even promoted it together on Koffee with Karan . But as a viewed, I couldn’t find a valid reason for her replacement from the series. When Varun Dhawan could stay, then why not Shraddha Kapoor, if you want something new, find a fresh pairing why does the hero remain and the heroine does not. But as fate had it Katrina Kaif joined Bharat and was unable to give dates for street dancer 3D and ended up stepping down from it. At last Shraddha was roped in  for the role. We all can see she played the role effortlessly then why was she tried to be replaced? What do you think about this incident, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Kriti Sanon in the Heropanti series

 Heropanti was the debut film of Kriti Sanon and Tiger Shroff . It was a hit at the box office and both the actors received praise for the same. The audience loved the pairing of both the actors, who had some amazing chemistry. But when it was time for its sequel Tiger Shroff was definitely approached but not Kriti Sanon, instead Tara Sutaria was roped in. I believe Heropanti was as much her film as it was his, so why didn’t it work out? Was it just a coincidence. What do you think about  this incident? But I’m glad Kriti was not part of that disaster.

 Shraddha Kapoor and the Baaghi series

 The same thing happened with Shraddha again with the Baaghi series. beautiful action love story of Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff. It was a sweet and action packed film And was a huge box office success so when its sequel was announced  Tiger Shroff was first locked in for the role but again the actress was replaced, This time, Tiger’s then rumored girlfriend Disha Patani. Was it again a coincidence? Have you ever heard of a film where the hero was replaced in the sequel not the heroine.

Nushrat Bharucha in the Dream girl series

The funny social comedy of Ayushmann Khurrana, Dream Girl was an instant hit with the masses. The film had an amazing performance by Ayushmann Khurrana and Nushrat Bharucha. I understand that her role was secondary to that of Ayushmann Khurrana but she still was the leading actress in the movie. But when the sequel was released it starred Ananya Pandey with Ayushmann. It was an amazing movie but I would like to ask if Nushrat was even  considered for the part or if his performance was considered unnecessary.

I do understand the fact that in some of these movies the role of the actress was secondary to that of the main actor, but not in all the films. Nevertheless, they were replaced. It is hard to imagine a film sequel without its leading man so why is it so easy to replace a female, does no one really cares or is it again just a big coincidence with all of them.If no one really cares then we have to find the reason why. Do let us know about what you think and follow us on Instagram at moviegoer.in_ and do check out other pieces of content from our website. If you have any ideas for our website articles please drop us a comment. THANKYOU






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  2. […] Are Bollywood Actress Really Replaceable? Top 4 Cases!! […]

  3. […] Are Bollywood Actress Really Replaceable? Top 4 Cases!! […]

  4. […] Are Bollywood Actress Really Replaceable? Top 4 Cases!! […]

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