Arjun Reddy Fame Vijay Devarkonda & Samantha Movie Khushi on Netflix!!

Scrolling through Netflix, I just came across a film of “Arjun Reddy” fame, Vijay Devakonda and Oo Antava song fame Samantha Prabhu, this movie is a cute, feel-good love story. Expecting the best, I just started watching movie named “Khushi / Kushi“,


After an hour or so, I realized it was just another one time watch rom-com with great actors. I had more expectations from both, but they are not the one lacking anything here, they have amazing chemistry, it’s just a generic story ,I guess The actors actually made me connect to the characters, and worried about their fate..

The makers could have used locations a little more creatively, not fully utilizing the beauty of Kashmir. Arjun Reddy fans, u will be reminded of him. The music was good but not exceptional. The movie also offers some good comic moments, adding to its appeal.

In the movie, I connected with the characters, but not their story, I just didn’t see depth in the problems they had. I’m all for rom-coms, but not so thrilled I watched this. If you like romantic movies, do go for it, you will be entertained. It is available on Netflix, in Tamil, Telugu , Malayalam and Kannada.

If you’re looking for a relaxing movie filled with romance, this is the one for you. Vijay and Samantha share great chemistry and deliver convincing performances. You might get reminded of Arjun Reddy once.

While “Khushi” may not offer a completely unique love story, it does make you care about the characters and their fate. For me, it was a one-time watch. What do you think? Share your views in the comments below!!

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