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Funny Gunther moments on friends


Gunther drops a cup.                                                                                       Rachel is finally single and Gunther decides to ask her out but all of this is in his head. But at the same time, Mark (Rachel’s colleague) confess his feeling to her. Gunther is furious and walks into the kitchen. He hears a lot of breaking sounds. He comes back to say “I broke a cup.”

  •   Gunther comes for a hug.                                                                           Rachel finishes a crossword puzzle all by herself but there is nobody to hug. Learning this Gunther runs towards her but crashes to the ground.
  • Gunther asks Rachel to move in with him.                                                                                                            Rachel was apartment hunting before the birth of Emma and Gunther asks her to move into his house. To that Rachel asks where is gonna live?
  • Gunther is not invited.                                                                                         Ross is finding Chandler, hours before Chandler-Monica’s wedding and goes to the central perk. He asks about Chandler to Gunther. He wasn’t their. Gunther inquires about the wedding and Ross assures him to see him at the wedding. But Gunther is not invited. So Ross tells him he will see him the day after the wedding.
  • Gunther buys Rachel’s cat                                                                         Gunther is so in love with Rachel. Does he buy Rachel’s weird inside-out cat for $1500 and even asks Ross is that a snake?.










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