Top 6 Funniest Gunther Moments on Friends sitcom to Watch When You’re Bored at Home

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Are you a diehard friends fan ?

Then you’ll probably recognize this person with “hair as bright as the sun.” This is one and only Gunther, he is literally the seventh friend. But he never penetrates in the group.

He has appeared in a total of 185 episodes of friends He is the manager of Central Perk, the place where the gang hangout most of their time sipping coffee.

He is most commonly known for his deep crush on Rachel. He was jealous of any other men who got into a relationship with her, including Ross.

He often fantasized about marrying her but never dared to confess his feelings until the last episode when Rachel is moving to Paris.


The character of Gunther is played by James Michael Tyler. He recently opened about his struggle  dealing with prostate cancer, stage 4 . His cancer was diagnosed in 2018 and he is currently under chemotherapy.


Gunther drops a cup.                                                          The One With The Tiny T-Shirt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Season 3 Episode 19              ( The One With The Tiny T-Shirt)                                                                                                                                                                                         Rachel is finally single and Gunther decides to ask her out but all of this is in his head. But at the same time, Mark (Rachel’s colleague) confess his feeling to her. Gunther is furious and walks into the kitchen. He hears a lot of breaking sounds. He comes back to say “I broke a cup.”



  •   Gunther comes for a hug.                                The One With The Dirty Girl                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Season 4 Episode 6                  (The One With The Dirty Girl)                                                                                                                                                                                      Rachel is trying to finish a crossword puzzle all day. And when she finally finishes it all by herself but there is nobody to hug. Learning this, Gunther runs towards her but crashes to the ground.                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Gunther asks Rachel to move in with him.                                                                            The One With The Ross's Denial                                                                                                                                           Season 6 Episode 3       (The One With The Ross’s Denial)                                                                                                                                                                                      When Monica and Chandler decided to move in together, Rachel had to move out. She was searching an apartment and Gunther asks her to move into his house. To that Rachel asks where is he gonna live?



  • Gunther is not invited.

The one with the Monica and Chandler's wedding part 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Season 7 Episode23                                  (The one with the Monica                                                                                and Chandler’s wedding part 1) 

Ross is finding Chandler, hours before Chandler-Monica’s wedding and goes to the central perk. He asks about Chandler to Gunther. He wasn’t there.

Gunther inquires about the wedding and Ross assures him to see him at the wedding. But Gunther is not invited. So Ross tells him he will see him the day after the wedding.



  • Gunther buys Rachel’s cat                                                 The one with the Ball                                                                                 
  •   Season 5 Episode 21                                (The one with the Ball)


Rachel s stupidly buys a cat for $1000.Because it reminded her of a cat her grandmother use to have when she was a little girl. She names her Mrs. Whiskerson, but is soon fed up with her as it keeps starching her. She wants to get rid of the cat as soon as possible.

And as we know  Gunther is so in love with Rachel ,that he buy her weird inside-out cat for $1500 and assures her she can visit any time she wants. Gunther doesn’t even like the cat and even calls it a snake.



  • Spin the bottle

the one with the fake party

                                                                                                                          Season 4 episode 16                         (The One with the Fake party)

Rachel is trying to impress her crush Joshua so she organizes a fake Bon Voyage party. Gunther is also present. She tries to seduce Joshua but nothing works.

And when Joshua and Ross-Emily are deciding to leave she decides to play spin the bottle. She spins the bottle to explain   the game to everyone and it lands on none other than Gunther. He thinks he might get a kiss, but its just a trail spin for Rachel.

These are my favorite Gunther scenes on friends sitcom. Let me know what your favorite scenes in the comment section









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