Does Haley get pregnant in Modern Family?

SPOILER ALERT!! For all those who have not finished watching Modern Family, plenty of spoilers ahead!!

You can watch Modern Family, in India at Disney+ Hotstar. It has 11 seasons with 250 episodes.

Yes, Haley does get pregnant in Modern Family. And the father is none other than Dylan. This is brought to light in Season 10 E07 :Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Haley and Dylan are together, after she choses him over Arvin. They are in the hospital after a short mishap, at a carnival. In the hospital, during the blood test, it is found that Haley is pregnant. They are both shocked.

This was once joked by Alex, when Haley and Dylan first dating in the early episodes. In the next episode: Kids These Days, Dylan is positive about the pregnant, and even propose her. But, she is very scared about the pregnancy and after a talk with her mother (without letting her know anything), she wraps her head around the idea.

She tries to keep it a secret, but it is soon revealed by her to Alex and Luke, which are surprised and confused, At Christmas, it is revealed to the whole family. Everybody is shocked, but show excitement in front of Haley. Phil and Claire are angry, shocked and scared at the same time. How is going to raise a child?

As revealed earlier, the same incident happened with Claire, when she got pregnant with Haley, where neither her nor Phil had their life together. They got married and things workout.

And major spoiler, Haley is having twins!! Let’s see how it works out for them.

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