7 Reasons Why Shershaah is one of the Best Bollywood Movies 2021


Its been a long time I loved a Bollywood movie so much, that it stayed with me long after it finished. The movie is Shershaah( Amazon Prime Video), the biopic of PVC Captain Vikram Batra Shershaah



Mann Bharryaa

The songs of the movie are really amazing I have been listening them on loop ever since.

Mann Bharryaa 2.0 give me goosebumps every single time. Just listening to the song makes me weep,  makes me relive the ending in my head . The song by B Praak is a perfection in itself .

Raataan Lambiyan  and Ranjha beautifully captures the  essence of  romance between Dimple and Vikram. These songs are absolute gems.

Love Story

The LOVE STORY is mesmerizing.

Generally Bollywood forces love story in action movies to make it commercially viable and to make more money. But this is not the case with this one. The love story is a important part of Captain Vikram Batra’s life.

This is the first love sub plot I loved in an action film. It helps us understand his character a lot better. If Vikram is the soul of the film, Dimple is the heart .

It also puts light to the hidden warriors of the country, who have send their loved ones into battle ground. Fearing everyday that they might never see them ever again.

No Bollywood Masala Added

The film is kept real . And this is the strongest point. No item songs or one man killing all enemies is shown. The war and missions are shown as a team effort . It is one of the best bollywood war movies of all time.

Some scenes which everyone might consider kind of filmy are actually real. Dimple Cheema , herself has shared about the Gurudwara visit and the scene when Captain cuts his thumb and fills his maang .

Action is realistic

The VFX shown in the movie are fantastic and not for even a sec, are over the top. The action directors have placed immense stress to every detail in terms of  check posts, army strategies and tactics , making it a proper army movie.


The ending gives me chills every single time. The scene where the family takes his coffin and the national flag is handed to them is beautifully emotional. And when Dimple realizes that she has been wearing the same chuni as in the Gurudwara makes me uncontrollably weep.


Captain Vikram Batra

The story of Shershaah movie is the story of PVC Captain Vikram Batra , a simple Palampur boy and his journey to become an army officer . And rising to ranks in his years of service.


Sidharth Malhotra is on point with his role of Vikram Batra. He has been preparing for this role for the past 5 years. He carries the boyish charm as well as the mannerism of an army officer with ease.

Kiara Advani looks very pretty. She plays the role of Dimple  Cheema with great honesty.  The chemistry between the lead actors is amazing. She hands down nails the end scene .

The supporting cast may not contain any big  names but they have all played their parts in the right way.



Let me know your views in the comment section. Thanks for reading.



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